Data Protection

Backup & Recovery


Content Indexing

Disaster Recovery

Protect all types of data enterprise wide regardless of where it sits.

Meet long term retention goals for large volumes of data.

Deploy functions including E-Discovery across data throughout the network.

Elastic automated Cloud based Disaster Recovery for infrastructure and applications.

Protect and Manage

For modern organizations data can be as much a valuable strategic asset as an enormous burden, the ability to efficiently protect and manage it can mean all the difference. Storage Engine's suite of Data Protection software will allow you to protect, store, search and recover your data, anytime, anywhere.

Source-Side Deduplication

Reduce the amount of storage media required to back up your data and decrease network backup traffic by as much as 90%.

Snapshot Managment

Ensure snapshot data integrity, execute policies and schedules, index and catalog snapshot data, and automate array discovery from a single managment interface across multiple vendor's storage arrays.

Enterprise Search

Index and search data across operational systems, archives and storage media to recover specific files or emails. Allow end users to seach and recover documents without the need to consume IT's resources.

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Data Encryption

Encrypt data both for transmission over non-secure networks and for rentention on storage media.

End Point Protection

Protect, encrypt and securely erase data on end points including laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

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