Enterprise Content Management

Forms Managment

Digitally capture, route and approve forms for internal or external use.

Robust Metadata

Multi-tiered Security

Easy Compliance

Add and modify document metadata to index, search and retrieve documents.

Industry leading security practices implemented at the user, document and system levels.

Create custom views of records structures for auditors or compliance officers.

Streamlined content management

Storage Engine's Enterprise Content Management solution allows organizations to securely manage, store, index and archive documents and other content across vast volumes of data. Begin your journey towards going paperless with backfile scanning of existing docunments and electronic forms to eliminate paper waste, reduce administrative burdens, and save valuable office space.

Enforce Compliance

Auto-classify, apply disposition schedules and other regulatory retention rules using metadata and other information on incoming records.


Capture & Index

Capture and index content from scanners, email, web forms, mobile devices, and desktop applications.


Document Management

Work with files in a single easy to use repository, ensure scanned and electronic forms are full-text searchable through optical character recognition.


Conversion Services

Scan and convert paper documents, microfiche, and microfilm to digital.

Manage Access

Restrict access to folders, individual documents, fields, annotations and other granular document properties through the use of security filters.


Electronic Forms

Replace paper forms with easy to build electronic forms that can be published on intranets or public websites.


Accelerate BPM

Speed up business process management by automating & tracking form routing, processing and approval.