Elastic Storage System (ESS)

Seamlessly Extend Storage to the Cloud

On-premis and off-premise storage with hybrid cloud storage capabilities

Grow Globally

Take you from Spectrum Scale to ESS

Intergrate NVMe storage

Recover with reliability

provide powerful and simple NVMe scale-out storage for AI, HPC and many other data workloads

Software-defined erasure coding assures data recovery while using less space than data replication

Software-defined storage for your business

SEI Elastic Storage Server (ESS) is a modern implementation of software-defined storage, combining Spectrum Scale software with POWER8 processor-based I/O-intensive servers and robust, dual-ported storage enclosures. Spectrum Scale is the parallel file system at the heart of SEI Elastic Storage Server. Spectrum Scale scales system throughput as it grows while still providing a single namespace. This ability eliminates data silos, simplifies storage management and delivers high performance. By consolidating storage requirements across your organization onto SEI Elastic Storage Server, you can reduce inefficiency, lower acquisition costs and support demanding workloads.

Unique to SEI Elastic Storage Server is Spectrum Scale RAID software that utilizes erasure coding instead of traditional RAID for data protection. By using erasure coding techniques, SEI Elastic Storage Server can rebuild disks in minutes, which can minimize the effects of multi-disk failures. Spectrum Scale RAID is implemented completely in software, distributing data across the available physical storage. Requiring less overhead than traditional RAID, Spectrum Scale RAID increases data capacity and data integrity. The software-defined storage solution has been tuned specifically to deliver the high performance and low latency sought with all-flash scale-out storage. SEI Elastic Storage Server is a building-block solution designed for high-performance shared storage to handle modern workloads driven by unstructured data.



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