Enterprise Content Management Systems

Storage Engine is a full service provider of Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) assisting organizations in increasing enterprise workflow management efficiency by automating repetitive, paper-based processes. Through a variety of document management and scanning services we are able to make the transition into a paperless workplace simpler than it has ever been before. Our layered security approach ensures that your information is protected throughout the entire content management lifecycle while remaining easy to track and audit at a moments notice. We take a consultative approach with each and every client to determine the best method for achieving unique organizational ECMS goals,  allowing us to develop a working plan that often results in our customers seeing a return on their investment in one year or less.

 Compliance minded

  • Enforce corporate and government-mandated policies at every stage of operations.

  • Create custom views of records structures for auditors or compliance officers.

  • Enforce consistent document compliance standards across multi-office teams, remote workers and contractors.

  • Automate the capture, transfer, storage and disposition of new and legacy records.

 Layered Security


  • Industry leading security practices implemented at the user, document and system levels.

  • Data integrity verification ensures that document contents have not been altered.

  • Choose from a wide range of encryption capabilities and implement the method that best meets your needs.

  • Manage access to files at individual user, group and documents levels.

  • Access to a complete record of activity across all devices,
    including login, document access and creation/deletion.

  • Perpetual DoD 5015.2 certification.