SEI Synchronix SX7000 delivers improved performance with NVMe-based storage system

Tinton Falls, NJ –SEI® Synchronix® SX7000-BASE-NVME-1 is the new Synchronix SX7000 control enclosure designed to combine SEI Spectrum Virtualize™, SEI FlashCore®, and SEI Storage Insights technologies to deliver a non-volatile memory express (NVMe) accelerated, hybrid storage system.

SEI Synchronix SX7000 is a virtualized, software-defined storage system designed to consolidate workloads into a single storage system for ease of management, reduced costs, highly scalable capacity, and high performance and availability. Synchronix SX7000 BASE-NVME-1 delivers improved latency and performance with the implementation of NVMe technology.

Synchronix SX7000 SFF Control Enclosure BASE-NVME-1 features:

  • Two node canisters, each with two 8-core processors and integrated hardware-assisted compression acceleration

  • 128 GB cache (64 GB per canister) standard with options from 256 GB to 1.15 TB (per system)

  • Eight 10 Gb Ethernet ports standard for iSCSI connectivity

  • 16 Gb FC connectivity options with FC-NVMe support

  • 25 Gb Ethernet connectivity options with iSCSI and iSER (RoCe V2 and iWARP) support

  • Support for up to twenty-four 2.5-inch NVMe flash drives

  • 2U, 19-inch rack mount enclosure

Attachment and intermixing of existing Synchronix SX7000 expansion enclosure models 12F, 24F, and 92F is supported with Synchronix SX7000 BASE-NVME-1.

Synchronix SX7000 systems scale up to 760 drives with the attachment of Synchronix SX7000 expansions. Synchronix SX7000 systems can be clustered to help deliver greater performance, bandwidth, and scalability. A Synchronix SX7000 clustered system can contain up to four Synchronix SX7000 systems and up to 3,040 drives.

Synchronix SX7000 BASE-NVME-1 systems can be added into existing clustered systems that include previous generation Synchronix SX7000 systems. All Synchronix SX7000 functional capabilities are provided through SEI Spectrum Virtualize Software. For additional information about Synchronix SX7000 functional capabilities and software, see the materials listed in the Reference information section.

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