Storage Virtualization

Hardware Agnostic

Common enterprise feature set regardless of underlying hardware.

Storage Analytics

Automatically tier data to maximize performance and capacity ultilization.

Simpified Managment

Single point of managment for multiple storage platforms.

Reduced Downtime

Migrate data seamlessly between arrays without downtime.

Get in the pool, the data's great!

It is not uncommon for modern data centers to house a variety of storage appliances from different vendors, each carrying their own unique adminstrative burdens and support costs, sometimes only kept around to avoid the time consuming hassle that is a data migration.

Storage Engine offers a robust feature rich Storage Virtualization software capable of reducing the administrative complexities that come with managing multi-vendor storage environments. Customers are able to manage complex storage environments from a single intereface, pooling capacity and resources across multiple arrays to maximize systems performance and the utilization of disk.

Single Management Interface

Decrease the adminstrative costs associated with managing complex multivendor environments.

Quality of Services

Move data among virtualizaed storage volumes without disruption or performance impacts, impliment across multiple sites for high availability between data centers.

Common Enterprise Featureset

Deploy enterprise grade storage features across commodity hardware including encryption, data compression, remote mirroring, automatic storage tiering and thin provisioning.

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Optimized Storage Tiering

Automatically allocate high performance storage rescources to tier 1 applications while pushing stale data to commodity disk.

Full Storage Access

Increase storage capacity utilization through more flexible access to previously siloed storage assets.

Hardware Agonostic

Support for over 350 storage systems.

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