SX6032F / SX6072F

A new addition to our Synchronix Family of high performance enterprise grade flash appliances, the SX60x2F Series storage array delivers high speed, all Flash (SSD) Storage that allows enterprise organizations to resolve the I/O bottlenecks of big data analysis and distributed virtual environments. The system is optimized for the use of SSD storage to ensure consistent performance across resource intensive workloads. Simple to set up and able to scale on demand, the SX60x2F Series storage array gives enterprise organizations the agility needed to deploy and manage critical applications at the speed of a modern data center.

  • Designed to maximize the performance of SSDs, achieving a fast and stable response times.

  • Fully redundant system architecture delivers 99.999% availability.

  • Self Encryption Drives minimize the risk of data theft.

  • Thin Provisioning enables ideal capacity distribution in a virtual environment, keeping drive costs to a minimum.

  • Ramp up capacity and performance just by adding drives.

  • Energy efficient processor & power supply, with optimal control of cooling fans.

  • Combo host interface card (FC & iSCSI) available.