Storage Virtualizaton

As data has exponentially grown over the past several decades so too have the methods for its storage and management. The majority of enterprise storage environments now consist of a wide range of appliances from multiple vendors, causing a lateral sprawl in storage management and the siloing of valuable data. What if there was a way to manage it all from one place?

Storage Engine to the rescue. We provide a suite a tools which allow organizations to manage heterogeneous storage resources through a single pane of glass, de-coupling storage hardware, networks, and protocols, and enabling the free flow of data across the network. Set up your storage policy to auto-tier across appliances, apply global deduplication to maximize capacity utilization, and eliminate vendor lock-in, silos, and platform incompatibilities across your entire storage ecosystem.sstem. Reunite your data!

Centralize Data Management

  • Eliminate storage silos

  • Manage heterogeneous storage appliances through a single interface

  • Enhance data storage functions, economics and flexibility

  • Move data among virtualized storage systems without disruptions

  • Optimize tiered storage

  • Implement multi-site configurations for high availability and data mobility between data centers